• You might have missed that the price is in $Cdn. So $8490 becomes about $6800 US! And 50,000 km is about 30K miles. Now could you overlook the styling?

    • Oops, I just checked the model year, and realized that it has not reached the magic 25 year mark for importation to the US. I guess I will have to buy it….

  • I would love to own something this unique. The fwd and the low power isn't really great but I could look past that to drive a car this different.
    On an Afla note, my friend owns a bespoke bicycle magazine. I suggested to him that for his Italian issue he reviews an Alfa Stevilo. He called up the marketing department and they dropped one off yesterday. Rosso Competizione.
    Super fun little suv. I would lease a Gulia, especially if they at sometime offer an manual. They have a $299 month special going on now.

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