• It's like a Lancia with a BMW greenhouse grafted on. What a trip. It really is a blend of Japanese, Italian, and German. Without the Mazda badges it wouldn't have much visually to connect it to Japan.

      Another beautiful Giugiaro masterpiece. One of the best batting averages in all of automotive design, maybe better than Earl and Loewy. Way more hits than misses, and the hits were typically home runs. I wish modern designers had his eye for elegance and detail. Sadly, I don't think this level of automotive design will ever return.

    • Not without some serious advancements in metallurgy or composites pricing. You hit the mark…the greenhouse was Giugiaro’s wheelhouse.

  • That is the most confusing front seat I recall ever seeing. It seems to be a bench seat with individual adjustable backs and an armrest in the center. At first I thought someone had put a backseat in the front or a two door bench in a four door car, but after a bit of googling I se that this is the original yet strange setup. I can still see shifter remains on the steering column.

    • I saw that but
      "Converted at some point from an automatic to 5 speed manual"
      and apparently they saw no need to replace the steering column.

      I used to have a 1969 Chevy Malibu convertible with a m22 four speed on the floor and Chevrolet had a linkage to the steering column so that the ignition on the steering column and the transmission were interlocked somehow. It made for all sorts of interesting failure modes.

    • No problem, we are all friends here.
      I just realized that the greenhouse looks very much like Pietro Frua's original Maserati Quattroporte

  • This has major potential for anyone that likes interesting and uncommon rides (so I probably just described everyone who frequents this site). Keep it stock outside and give it a nice update in HP with a JDM heart transplant?

    • The rotary would be very cool and appropriate in light of the Maker, but the easiest swap (I think) would simply be a Miata drivetrain. It would be a small bump in output, and retain the character of the car nicely.

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