• Its… perfect. I would drive it as is, with the exception of some blinged out rimz and rubber-band low-profile tires. It's not murdered out, it's mossed out.

  • Wow that's a lot of green! Reminds me of the similar vintage Olds Tornado my dad had for a while, but that car was burgundy everything.

  • KBZ-gotta ask, is the new badge an old guy's ear with unwanted hairs growing out of it? As the former owner of an '83 Toronado, I am personally….aw crap..you nailed it! Get off my lawn!!

    • research has revealed they symbolize a ritualistic status marking system among the geriatric male subculture, like knuckle tattoos, lip discs, flat brimmed baseball hats, etc. – you have to get right in there with a fine brush and tease apart the individual hairs to count them in order to get an accurate reading – helix, tragus and lobule hair locations have distinct semiotic significance, as do left to right differentiation, curled or dyed hairs, braiding, knotting, wax blobs, and so forth

  • This vehicle represents a turning point in the US auto industry, the point at which the Big Three went the Full Lemming and decided to plunge headlong off the FWD cliff into irrelevance.

    You could make a case for the X- and J-cars and smaller being FWD. And yeah, there was the Toro/Eldo FWD experiment that worked only because 5000lb 'personal luxury' main battle tanks drove like ass no matter which end the power came from.

    But this was the point at which Detroit plunged over the edge, made the decision that what worked for a 3000lb econobox worked for a luxury car. That was, of course, crap. By embracing FWD across the line they consigned themselves to never being able to compete above the Acura/ES300 level.

    Why? Because it snows in Detroit? I dunno. But it consigned the high-line Detroit brands to oblivion.

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