• Checks manual transmission box search on craigslist

    Gets a bunch of paddle shift cars with fragile transmissions and funny little knobs where the shifter should be

    Love these just not with the automatic

  • I think I'd take the IMS Porsche over the guaranteed transmission replacement in one of these. The IMS might go, but the transmission in a Maserati will be 10 grand every several years. Though, there's like 8 996s running around my fairly small town. I'll wait 5 more grand.

    • Yep, that's the problem now with 996's…cheap like borscht and lot's were made. Maybe one of these with the true 6-speed manual would be a good find.

    • Cheap…but so much fun. Tailhappy to boot, zero chance of sudden cardiac death in the event of a minor mishap, able to be made your own and the least dear Porsche with the engine in back. This Mas would likely sit in the garage while the 996 was exercised daily. Would be a cool alternative to the P until the stained glass tranny decided it's had enough of feigning sports car credulity.

  • I'm as secretly hoping that prices keep dropping to the point where you could pull the engine, swap it into something fun (rather than another Ls), part out the rest of the car and about break even. Is that wrong?!

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