• SSR concept idea a few years earlier … although when I think of kit car "classics" I tend to think of Lotus 7's or Meyers Manx

  • Looks like a Siata Spring, except with a SBC instead of an 850cc Fiat.

    In the unlikely event that you pulled up at the stoplight with someone who knew what a Siata Spring was, you could give them quite a surprise.

    If only they made a car that looked like the Siata 208 rather than the ugliest Siata of all.

    • Too bad the V-8 wasn't in the vehicle under the tarp. GT Invader looks good but not a big fan of a VW engine in a fast looking car. The Bremen would have a pretty amazing power to weight ratio even with a 307 in it, people would expect a VW mill in it. Surprise…

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