• Love what HRG did with the brakes and wheels.

      Wonder why the seller isn't referencing this video? It's a heckuva selling point.

      -Stan (yeah…*that* Stan…)

  • I'm really rather confused at what's going on with the exhaust manifolds here. They're at a very strange angle …

    • They are at that angle because otherwise all the other areas are taken by either the front suspension, the steering, or the drivers feet. I'm sort of concerned that there doesn't seem to be anything attached to the collectors.

      I have seen ford V8s with the exhaust routed in front of the engine so that they can make a 180 degree exhaust manifold

      I once drove a 69 Malibu convertible with no hood and no exhaust manifolds for a day or so. Fun for the first few minutes, especially at night with the flames and all, but not really that great an idea. Impressed / freaked out my date that night though.

  • "8.8 diff"
    At first I thought that meant 8.8/1 gearing , suitable for tractor pulling I guess, but I see they mean that its a 8.8 inch ford axle.

    I don't understand why they couldn't get a radiator that fit under the hood. A MGC bonnet would clear the intake just fine.

  • Street legal, pull up to the McDonalds drive through with flames shooting forward out of the street legal open headers and start yelling into the speaker "I said a Big Mac meal supersize everything and a diet coke!"

  • To be street legal it would need to have headlights at the very least. But then again, everything is street legal… until you get caught.

    • Oh it's simple to have a car licenced for the road that is street legal only in the sense that it has plates on it, has a title, and it's legal to drive.
      Get a title for a vehicle.
      Pick a jurisdiction that will give a plate for anything with a title and insurance, New York for example.
      New York doesn't even need or offer a title for a pre 1972 car.
      Just because you have a car registered and licensed in New York doesn't mean you can drive it there. To do that you have to get it inspected for safety and if it's new enough for smog too.

      That means it's legal to drive anywhere BUT the state of New York. It's probably a bad idea to drive a lot in a state where you are a legal resident, like California for example but if you have a NY driver's licence and never take the car to NY, then you are fine.

      I know people who live 180 days a year in Italy and have New York plates on cars that you can't even import into the USA.

      Count Gregorio Rossi di Montelera did something similar when he drove his Porsche 917 on public roads in Europe with an Alabama "antique vehicle" plate.

      As for the headlights, and this is really funny ,they are covered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Standard No. 108. “Whenever any malfunction occurs in a component that controls or conducts power for the actuation of the concealment device, each closed headlamp concealment device shall be capable of being fully opened by a means not requiring the use of any tools. Thereafter, the headlamp concealment device must remain fully opened until intentionally closed.”

      Apparently, a set of headlights kept in the trunk that can be attached to the front of the car with your bare hands counts as concealed headlights and makes you legal by national standards. Many states don't have stricter regulations. Oh, and as long as you never drive in the dark or when you need windshield wipers you don't even need them in the trunk. And did you know if you don't have a windshield you don't need wipers , thus you don't need the headlights in the rain? Legally that is, but still a bad idea.

  • This would have been so much better with the proven V6 swap.

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