• Nice find Matt. Reminds me of my front-drive '86 Subaru GL-10 wagon. Same basic shape, same color pallete, same velour, similar dash. I scrapped it over 10 years ago but would like to someday find a 4WD Turbo version of the Leone/GL to futz around with.

    Don't get me started on passengers putting their feet on the dash. Not only is it extremely tacky, it's also quite dangerous. I had a co-worker who used to be an accident reconstruction expert in a previous career. He told me stories about what happens to the human body when it folds completely in half under the extreme g's of a frontal collision. Since then I've enforced an anti-ottomanic policy in my vehicles.

    • Your buddy is correct. I have had several cases where this was an issue. Same problem with people and their feet hanging out the window. Never ends well.

      Most people never think about not only the g forces but rotational rigidity and your spine. Seat belts are designed for frontal crashes and when you are already twisted, well, physics and torque ain't kind.

    • I like those old Subies, especially the mid-80's ones with the single headlights.

      My girlfriend in high school single handedly (well, double footedly I guess) destroyed the dash of my AE82 Corolla.

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