• Anyone here have ownership experience with one of these Thunderbirds? I hadn't really thought about these much before, but it's a cheap way to get a Modular V8 with RWD and independent suspension. I would think this would compare well to a Mustang GT of the same era. Maybe a little heavier, but probably better handling and more comfort. I've thought about picking up a cheap 90s Mustang, but is this a better option?

  • That's likely the Sport trim level, which means it had a somewhat upgraded suspension. It was also a way for Ford to use up excess Thunderbird SC wheels in the 1996 and 1997 model years, after they – sadly – killed off the SC itself. I had a '96 Sport in the household when it was new and it was a very good car in basically every way – just a lot of car in terms of width. This is basically a segment that no longer exists – personal luxury coupe under a non-luxury brand; so there's some serious throwback appeal here.

    I'm drawn to this platform still, but I'm holding out for a low mileage 89 or 90 Cougar XR-7 with a manual trans. Well, I'm also holding out for more cash and more space for vehicles…

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