• Oh my. These were just too dang cool for a longroof junkie like me, all sorts of hypersalivation ensued whenever one of these would cross my path. In one of my 17y/o self fantasies, I had two of them. One dropped to the ground on Eibachs, all Tectonic and Neuspeeded out. The other lifted over a 4Motion swap, a hood lined with Cibies and a flywheel that weighed about as much as an evil stare.

  • Love these and I'm always tempted to pick one up. This is about as pricy as they get. But this is confusing:

    "1987 Audi 4000 2.0 5 speed manul 1.8L

    Air actuated door locks from Audi"

    So, it's a 2.0 or a 1.8? Air actuated? I don't recall Audi/VW using a vacuum system on door locks, especially on a car as stripped down and basic as a Fox.

    Plus, I believe the wagon was built for 3 or 4 years. Still, quite rare.


  • It had the Dasher engine and transmission still used in production in Brazil. Almost bought a new one in 88 until the dealer called me up the day I was supposed to pick it up and tacked on an additional $1,000 over the negotiated price.

  • I went to look at one of these when they were new. It was winter in WI and when I got in to take a test ride, I could not get the seat belt to fit around me and my big winter coat. I have short legs and the seat was moved forward. I was more svelte in those days so that wasn't the issue. Never did drive it, and all I can remember about it was that the dash looked like my answering machine (for you whippersnappers, that's a big machine that sat next to the desk phone and had a tape in it to record incoming messages, black plastic with green and red blinky lights).
    As a longroof guy, I still think they look really cool!

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