• This is my favorite small-old car (that I don't really fit in). They're so slow it's a novelty to drive them. It's like a giant backyard-gokart. I thought it would be fun to put a BMW K-bike 4 cylinder in one of these. That's a longitudinal engine with a dry clutch, so it wouldn't take too much adapting to get one in here, and while it would double (triple, or even more) the power number, it wouldn't take it so far as to ruin the drivability.

    I think this particular example is a lot of money considering it's both non-running and in need of bodywork. I guess they're moving up in values.

  • Love these old Fiats, but here in Oregon, you NEVER let a car sit outside! The rust monster seeps into every seam and crack. And this Fiat has been left outside, AND it has body damage… which is way expensive, unless you can do it yourself… and for the $15K to $20K it would cost to restore this car, it would be cheaper to buy one that is already puffed.

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