• Too much? I'd suspect the chassis could take the torque with some seam welding and reinforcement bracing. If the question is whether that much power in this lightweight shell would be overwhelming to the driver, I'd defer to Mario Andretti for the answer:

      "If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough."

  • Should be a couple K less for those crappy spoke wheel cover's ! Rust look out tin worm loves this on the menu.

  • Affordability — at least a few grand less than a MGB in similar condition — and extensive aftermarket support (especially in the UK) really helps to boost the desirability of these MK1 Capris. Unlike the MGB, though, these can be made into monsters that will run with R Gruppe 911 yuppies (for a price cough Weslake cough).

    If I ever come to my senses and blow all my savings on car, it might be to build up a tarmac rally/road race/lunatic road car MK1 Capri with a Cosworth GAA, Group 2 flares, etc. Again, Weslake will set you up in exchange for a few shipping containers of gold.

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