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  • The 54 Cadillac Fleetwood parked next to it is kind of attractive as well. Oh, it's for sale too!

  • I wonder what swapping it back to Bentley-ness would cost?
    It says a lot about post war Britain that there was a market for cars exactly like a Rolls-Royce priced exactly like a Rolls-Royce but marketed to people who didn’t want to embarrass their boss who had a Rolls-Royce, or just wanted to make a show of both being modest but letting everyone know that they were rich, just a little embarrassed about the whole ruling class thing.

  • Looks like a really fun estate sale. Bentley, Lincoln, Cadillac, Austin on Craigslist…and others not listed but in the photos. I wonder what's in the garages and house? Could be cool!

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