• That's not the original steering wheel. That's a column out of a 78-79 F-Series or perhaps one from the early 80s. Shrouded gear indicator and cruise control buttons on the wheel are dead giveaways

  • I beg to differ (as I do so often): you need a utility trailer and a hitch. Why drive a truck all the time, just because once in a while you need to transport something?

    But I will grant you that that 1970 F-100 kind of has it goin' on…..

  • You probably dont even need a trailer, a wagon/hatchback/cheap car with crappy paint and some ratchet straps will do almost everything most people need. And when you really do need a truck, Uhaul or Home Depot will rent you one for $20 for the day.

    That said, if you are going to buy a truck get something like this. Not so old that you can't use it but old enough to have character.

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