• Even though a Porsche bodied Eclipse GS-T is probably going to be a hoot to drive, I'm a bit disappointed the motor wasn't behind the driver.

  • This . . . cannot be a correct Porsche 356 body can it? Is it possible to make such a beautiful and elegant work of sheet metal look like . . . . this?

    • You would have gotten an extremely fast 356 replica. Of course there's alot of jaded people out there apparently.

  • This is what happens to a 356 when it's squeezed through a wormhole.

    Porsche 356? More like a new Wiggles Mobile…

    [image src=" jackdrawsanything.com/img/posts/2011/05/26316974-the-wiggles-big-red-car.jpg" width="400px"/]

    -Stan (who is a dad and yes, has watched the Wiggles. More than once.)

  • The problem was something along the lines of "I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse that I have sawzalled everything off of, what can I cover all the jagged metal bits with?"

    I am really surprised that a slightly lifted fiberglass speedster body was the answer. How did it fit?

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