• My inner 65 year old loves the idea of this. I used to wrench on my friend's LS400 and yeah it had remarkably little room to do even the most mundane of repairs (I will forever hate the power steering line crush washers on those) but the payoff was tooooootally worth it.

    TL;DR I dig this and if I didn't already have a 240z, (Volvo) S70, 740 Turbo wagon, 2 '98 4Runners and a motorcycle pissing off my HOA… I'd think about it.

  • I grew up next to Rio Rancho and there is a good joke about girls form Rio Rancho and Ranch dressing. Sorry, can't tell it on here though.

    So the car, all it needs is a kleenex box in the front seat and at least three hats (one of them being a straw golf hat) on the back tray. Possibly some sort of bumper sticker announcing american pride.

    Yes, it would be just like my in-laws…….

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