• 1. El Camino powered by (duh) a 350.
    2. Nissan made a 350z, which is a sports car.
    3. The most "quintessential" sports car I can think of is an MGB.
    4. MGB was made in Great Britain, the same country as a Jensen.
    5. Jensen made the early Volvo P1800s.
    6. I think you can figure out this 6th degree without my help.

    I'll take my payment in actual Bacon, thanks.

    • I can either mail you some bacon, or I can tell you about this new (old) kind of bacon I discovered in Rome last week called guanciale, an Italian variety used in carbonara sauce and to grease down Lancia axles. I will be posting a report on the sadly meh cars of the Mediterranean as soon as I can once again sit close enough to the keyboard.

  • I have been pushing these a bit on here lately but they seem like really good deals.
    Oddly enough the prices seem to going up slowly??

    • I love these. My local used car dealer had 3(!) on the lot the other day. I thought it was a sign, but sadly Mrs. BuickFan disagreed.

  • Some ideas that come to mind:

    1. 2005 or later Mustang, no need in this case for more than a V6. Muscle car era revival styling, reliable drivetrain, low price tag.

    2. BMW Z4. Good at looking like you paid more for the car than you did, cute, and when she gets her license, she can only carry ONE friend. Fewer distractions.

    3. Miata. If she can stand the cuteness. Harder to find with an automatic, but it's harder to drive with a cell phone if you have to shift all the time.

  • BMW 645ci.

    Autobox. Muscle car handling. Can get them for $10k if the miles are higher. Super good deal for the level of class.

    [image src=" i.ebayimg.com/images/g/wTUAAOSwUchZ65Uv/s-l1600.jpg" width="400px"/]

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