• Slow car driven fast probably applies here. Timeless shape and manual to boot. We will all be sorry we didn’t buy an e21 within 5 years, I predict. E28 and e24 as well.

    • Spoken like someone who probably hasn't suffered through owning one…LOL.

      If your prediction does come true, the experience can be replicated by taking an e30, trading the rear discs for drums, and swapping in an M10 engine.

      The nostalgia will pass quickly.

  • I like these but BMWs from 1975 or 1976 to 1979 pose a problem: the thermal reactor. You can see that little tube where a nice header should be on the exhaust side of the engine, in the ad. The tube was some sort of chamber for final combustion to reduce CO emissions, but–at least for the M30 6s, it meant that every single head had been warped or cracked. I don't know whether M10s of the time had the same problem. Anybody know?

    Your hands would be tied, in a smog state, on getting rid of the thermal reactors (backdate to 2002 M10 induction/exhaust, custom EFI, or possibly adapt EFI from a 1.8 version of M10 from 1980 down–none of that would look like the original setup. Also, doing this could be expensive for what you get (90-120 hp?)).

    On the other hand, if this car isn't smoking and chugging now, and you are ok with getting a nice car that you may need to repower some day, it's pretty sweet. Just spray the seats with some cleaner and hope it eats the dirt off before eating the vinyl.

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