• ps how on earth can I post on other than 'anonymous'……….I belong to none the named organisations nor do I wish to be…..I am known as 'lowflyerv8'..aka michael eades & would like to use my 'space' name….thanks michael

    • When you post, select reply as "Name/URL". Then you can enter your own handle. The next time you post, again select "Name/URL" and start typing your handle. Your previous handle will appear to be selected. That is how I do it, because I do not have an account on any of the blogging platforms either. Good luck.

  • Wow you missed the boat the 4 cylinder was a 389-V-8 block only using one side so slant inline International used something like that also in the Scout and maybe other vehicles in there line up. Yes corvair trans axle and same little dash shift nob for the auto.

  • I had a '63 V8 Le Mans Convertible in the late nineties. Really well balanced with the transaxle in the rear. There was a guy in San Diego that has a stash of transaxle and rope drive parts…I scored what would be u joints in a conventional car and a shift modulator…fixed me right up. Aesthetically I prefer the '63. I think the Buick 4 was half of an aluminum Rover block….but I could be wrong.

  • This presents a great opportunity to make the beast that Vince and I have discussed several times:

    Water-cooled V8 up front
    Rope drive in the center
    Tempest/Corvair transaxle mashup at rear
    Corvair flat-6 behind that!

    There has to be a way to make that transaxle work with input shafts at both ends, right? Twin engine, one transmission, still two wheel drive. The engines would of course be mechanically synched together and would rev at the same speeds, until you put your left foot in and disengaged the clutches…

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