• It kinda reminds me of Ivan Stewart's off road truck with that paint scheme. I liked the blue striped theme better. But its not my build.

  • My .02 – A quick Google shows Minilites and steelies do look to be the go-to for vintage Volvos, but the Minilites seem so common. Either way, maybe paint them the color of one of the stripes. I liked the blue theme better too, more Nordic, as opposed to this tequila sunset vibe. What about 2 stripes in blue and yellow, Swedish flag colors? Black hood looks great. +1 for black chin spoiler. What about grills over the headlights? Is that too cheezy? Vs. covers that won't be there most of the time?

  • Minilites look the business, but I would push for powdercoating them in a dark anthracite color.
    I agree with both of the above posters. The color scheme is too Toyota off road truck and adopting a play on the Swedish flag colors is a good idea. How about an amalgam of both concepts? Three stripes as drawn- dark blue, powder blue and yellow. Chin spoiler definitely in black. Modify or bumper delete treatment, perhaps?
    Raised white lettered tires, window netting and two vertical metal straps to hold the rear window down would help finish off the look.
    Or just go with what you have…

  • As a plus, iPD actually sells new minilite copies in the correct Volvo bolt pattern and offset new, though I love the black steelies look. Love the 7" rounds on the front, and the pointy TA spoiler is great too. Great concept!

    I may forgo a decent repaint on my 145 for the time being to save money, and do a swedish blue for the base color, and a yellow cross on the hood, in plasti-dip.

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