• ~ another excellent article, Chris. as a Volvophile with only the most rudimentary understanding of electronics, solid-state or otherwise, i greatly appreciate the free edjamucation.

  • I never would have thought to just upgrade the entire system to a more readily available version for the same engine. Simple, effective, cheap. I tip my hat.

  • What are you using for ignition control now? The LH 2.2 ECU does not control timing. There is a completely seperate Bosch ICU in LH 2.2 cars. That ICU was also based on 8049 chip architecture, initially, but by about 1988 the ICU switched to a Motorola 6800 chip architecture.

    There are people around who can recurve the timing advance in the chip software if you have the 8049 ICU, but I'm not sure about the 6800 ICU. Aftermarket software tuning is much more common and easy for the later LH 2.4 ECU and ICU.

    LH 2.2 was used in the turbo cars up to 1989 in the USA and Canada.

  • This car is running its original Chrysler ignition system, but thankfully a previous owner had the distributor replaced with a new Bosch unit that is correct for retrofitting into Chrysler ignition cars. After some initial ignition flakiness it's working well now, potentially as a result of replacing the main engine wiring harness. I've heard that the later Bosch EZK ignition systems can be made to work with LH2.2, so if Walter P. decides to crap the bed we may just go that route.

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