• I guess there was, at one time, a market for something like this, in the Fiat/Ferrari Dino space.

    But…uh…doesn't do anything for me.

  • sorry guys and gals, what looks to be too good to be true usually is. Looks like a scam listing, see this thread from the Alfa Bulletin Board

    • Thanks for the link Paul, I've read that eBay has been under pressure due to scam listings recent, see this news article on BBC. Unfortunately we'll stumble onto these are we search for good deals, so buyers need to be extra vigilant as eBay figures out how to add more transparency.
      E-i-C Vince

    • eBay's kinda back and forth on the whole 'transparency' thing. They've played games with their feedback mechanism over the years, not always to the betterment of the process.

      The big thing they haven't done and should is maintain a much longer history (3yr) of detailed transactions.

      Still, there's a fair bit of information to work from if you are prepared to accept that some deals really ARE too good to be true: a seller with low feedback or no recent sales in the category of product they're selling, no history of selling high-ticket items suddenly listing a car or a pile of high-zoot stereo amps or something, inquiries get a canned or unresponsive answer, etc.

    • no problem Daily Turismo. I have run a vintage motorcycle forum since 2001, recently we added a "Scam and Too Good to be True" section to the forum. It has been amazing how many forum members motorcycles have appeared on eBay, especially eBay UK and EbayUSA, listed for sale by someone other than their actual owner….. The scammers lift the photos off of the internet, then list the bike as their own, usually (but not always) at very low prices. My experience has been that eBay is not particularly response to doing anything when notified the particular listing is clearly a scam, sometimes dozens of our motorcycle forum members pile on eBay with many many complaints and reports concerning a specific listing, sometimes eBay takes action, sometimes they don't. I have bought motorcycles sight unseen over the past ten years, but these days I am much more cautious…. Paul

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