• Interesting information. Thanks. It would appear reliability and simplicity of design go hand in hand, as evidenced by the fact (for example) that Toyota (53.27) is more reliable than Toyota's upscale brand, Lexus (76.43).

    Couldn't find either Acura or Infiniti on the list, but no doubt they must rank lower on reliability than their parent companies, Honda and Nissan.

    Meanwhile the Smart car dwarfs its parent company Mercedes in reliability, 68 versus 164.08.

    Because of this, people should be cautious of the conclusions they are drawing from what is (somewhat) a comparison of apples with oranges.

    • The results are highly influenced (and limited) by the methodology used, and where the data came from. MoneySupermarket.com clearly states that the data comes from Warranty Direct, an aftermarket warranty company.

      So the results represent a fairly limited slice of the overall car market. Only used cars old enough and with high enough mileage to no longer be covered by a manufacturer's original (and/or CPO) warranty. Only cars that buyers felt they needed an extended warranty for. Only cars covered by this particular aftermarket warranty company. And perhaps most importantly, only repairs car owners considered worthwhile making a warranty claim for (i.e., the more expensive repairs large enough to bother paying the deductible).

      But the methodology is even more skewed. The scoring seems to be as focused on "average repair cost" as "frequency of mechanical problems." Actually, that last part doesn't give a complete picture either, because the warranty company wouldn't know how often repairs were made where the car owners didn't bother filing a claim.

      Considering all these factors, the results make sense. You expect to see the higher-end European brands at the bottom of the list. And there they are. Similarly, you'd expect to see inexpensive, fairly basic cars from Japanese brands at the top. And yes, there they are.

      By the way, Acura and Infiniti aren't adequately represented on the list because the data is from the UK market. Nissan only launched it's Infiniti brand in the UK in 2010, and Honda doesn't sell Acura-branded cars in the UK (or Europe) at all.

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