• Couple name ideas…

    Blow Your Cover – Got a carefully protected pseudonym? Want to show off your one-of-a-kind Mach 5 Starion on a public website? These things are incompatible.

    CFOK – You're gonna have to serve somebody. How did you get the CFO to let you buy that El Caminoized Saab Sonett? Promise to be the guy who ferries the citronella tiki lanterns to the solstice campout?

    Maximum Overshare – Weird little personal details. Camped out in your trunk, did you? Substituted what for coolant? She took off? Over that? Dude. Nice car though.

  • I always wanted this to be a prerequisite for posting on the "other" used car site.
    I can only imagine what some of the nitpicky yentas drive. Tear apart someones Pantera build but hops in a Nissan Cube

    I have a feeling there are some pretty cool cars from the owners on DT

  • Now I wish I would have kept some photos of some of my past rides. I don't think my DD 08 Pontiac g5 would make the grade. If I can find some pics I'll share my 95 854 with y'all.

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