• OK CA friends, this is a great way to pull one over on the DMV and the smog Gestapo.
    I had a Volvo 740 wagon diesel with a SBC. I loved pulling up next to people with it's 2 chamber flowmaster mufflers.

    • I just remembered a funny thing about my 740 v8. I bought it off a guy that was the father of a young actress from a horrible show called "Small Wonder". For those of you not in the know, small wonder was a sitcom about a family that had a robot daughter with monotone voice and a dry sense of humor.
      I should have had her sign my dash.

  • these were cool conversions, back in the day… but now, with everything from Porsche to Chevy S-10 being built with an LS motor, these V-8 Volvos can be left in the dust, even by a stock 2018 Camry!!!

    • You can make that argument about nearly any newer car versus something 20-30 years old. I would happy drive Magnum PI's Ferrari 308 and have no qualms about get smoked at every stop light by said Camry.

  • This one looks very familiar as if I have seen it advertised before. The description sounds like the new owner bought it without a test drive (which should be mandatory for buying a conversion) and decided it was not what he/she wanted and then wants to sell it to DT/CL readers. The problem is not the smaller V8 but an old style slush box, etc.

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