• That CRX is stirring up some nostalgia for me. I find it strange though that there is no engine bay pic. Honda dudes used to love showing off that red valve cover

  • I would submit two majestic domestic simu-wood sided beasts from the General.

    First, a majestic 1981 Olds Custom Cruiser…Diesel. Yes, the terrible Olds 350 oil-barfer. This one seems incredibly clean though. The big bonus is that it's completely smog exempt in CA. Did someone say LS3 swap?

    1981 Olds

    [image src=" images.craigslist.org/01414_gifbJXqnmSU_600x450.jpg"/]

    Second is a final-year 1996 Roadmaster, similar to KBZ-Vince's but with the wood and only 65k miles. Seems like a bargain at $4750 if you don't mind sunfade patina and/or cosmetic work in the future.

    <a href =" losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/cto/d/buick-roadmaster-cleanest/6190042995.html>1996 Roadmonster</a>

    [image src=" images.craigslist.org/00B0B_HXxAM24xo7_600x450.jpg"/]

  • How about an exotic Lamborghini Huracan for only $5K?

    Ran when parked!

    Needs a Little TLC

    -Stan (who has never really wanted a Lambo, but knows folks who dream about these things…)

    • On our 5th anniversary, this is a good time to ponder…..whatever happened to the other Stan? Did he hold true to his boycott? Was Caitlyn Jenner aware of the sacrifice he made in her name? Does he ever think about us?

    • For those wondering "what's he on about?", here's the offending post in all its hold-my-beer glory – 5k-jennered-1987-shebly-csx. I don't see the first Stan comment, but the huffy one where he leaves us is still there. People.

    • and may i remind everyone, doxing is sternly frowned upon – sternly – frowned – although, he did seem to use his real name, so technically… no, just don't

    • Always felt like he besmirched my good name.

      I took a lot of time coming up with that Numb De Plumb…

      Stan Beyerman- My Song

      -The Other Stan (who was a Lyle Lovett fan *before* he married Julia Roberts, and sang "That's no Lady, That's My Wife…")

    • Hey Mr Ed-

      Any way to post the delicious pic of the Lambo?

      I woulda if I coulda. But I'm internet-challenged…

      -Stan (the techno-neanderthal)

    • Stan — here it is:

      [image src=" 1.bp.blogspot.com/-p0vMDmzkdFk/WXGReU7HMRI/AAAAAAAA4h4/pzbV43RjWCoSGOlo5pfAAYRQaKhF_MeHQCLcBGAs/s640/10.jpg" width="400px" /]

    • Warms the cockles of my heart… thanks Jefe! 🙂

      That Lambo? I figure a good repaint, maybe some new floor mats, and ya got yerself a real head turner there…

      Happy 5th!

      -Stan (who is banging some rocks together to get his laptop to charge back up…)

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