• Get off my lawn! Damn kids and your hood pins….and 8 tracks were not even invented until 1964… after this car went into production, you little smart azzes!!
    This is a really nice looking car, but the value is greatly diminished by the hood pins IMHO. The speakers on the back deck are easier to remove and that dash pad could be easily re-upholstered. Unfortunately it just won't bring the bucks because it ain't pure enough for the purist or modded enough for the street crowd.
    That's a shame because the interior looks pretty nice and the paint color is perfect for it.
    I'm guessing that's a vacuum gauge in the center console rather than a tach. A friend of mine had a '64 GP and its vacuum gauge (in that location) swept from Economy (in Green) to Power (in Red)! From the passenger's perspective it was really nothing more than a gas pedal position sensor 🙂

  • My friend from back in the day Folks had one white with black interior and the 421 had that crazy vacuum gauge as big as a tach like this one. Friend finally was old enough to drive the car torque monster but not that quick pretty heavy good times.

    • My buddy, who owned his '64 only had the 389 4bbl, but it ran practically open headers and made some great noise. Full of himself (and probably a fair amount of beer) he described he automatic transmission as having three speeds.. fast, faster and Dear Lord we're gathered here together! The 70's were a wonderful time to be a teenager with access to cheap gas and old Pontiac!

  • Never underestimate the value of Taco Bell to provide some cheap gas! In Toronto we also have Burrio Boyz and Mucho Burrito.

  • I do love those wheels. I don't love the hood pins and the gauges, but if I was in the market for one of these I could probably live with them.

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