• I have to wonder what that Ferrari built V8 that they put in the Lancia Thema goes for (or if there are any other real Ferrari motors that could be picked up for cheap). Putting an actual Ferrari motor in that would be maximum trollage.

    Although an LS4 would probably be cheaper and easier to maintain, and equally fast.

  • An LSJ from a saturn ion redline/chevy cobalt ss with a pulley kit would do the trick without too much of a squeeze both into the bay and on the wallet.

  • I would love it if a 2nd rate Tom Selleck look-a-like bought this.
    [image src=" utahvalley360.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Rust-Selleck.jpg" width="400px"/]

  • I'm no expert, but the white back up lights and Cromadora wheels indicate this might be an original MERA, made by Corporate Concepts and only available at Pontiac dealers (ie, not a kit).

    If it were, it would be much more rare (and valuable), as only 247 MERAs were made before Ferrari legally persuaded GM that making these was a really, really bad idea…

    -Stan (who has a soft spot for MERAs. Chalk it up to watching all those Magnum PI reruns…)

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