• What a pile, however I am going to give it props for being a manual.
    I guess with some elbow grease and some $$$$ one could make it fairly nice.

    • Couldn't agree more! Look at the passenger's front corner. Salvage title says it all. Turns out MB parts are more expensive that this owner budgeted for on the flip 🙂

  • Speaking of manual MBZ, I have a friend with a 190 2.3 16v with a blown motor. The car is the same gold-ish beige that the Senna car.
    The car is probably a 5 out of 10 condition. I could pick it up for a few grand. I never have because I am not sure I could personally rebuild the engine. Also, it may be above my mechanical ability and even the parts and machining may be more money than the car is worth.
    Any opinions? Anyone have experience with these?

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