• If you are worried about fitting, I am (was?) 6' 1" and I fit fine.
    Yeah, I used to be 6'1" myself until a freak skateboard accident. Anyway, I wonder if there is some non obvious way to adjust the seats in an Europa the way there is in a Porsche 914. If I have the seat all the way back on its tracks my head is above the roll bar and touching the roof. Move the seat forward and recline it just a bit and there is all the space in the world.
    Could it be that the Europa is similar? My impression was it was closer to wearing a bag of golf clubs than wide open spaces.

    • I actually own 2 Porsche 914s as well. I fit into both vehicles fine. In fact in the 914s I have some headroom left over and the seat isn't all the way back (although I do tilt the seat back). The Europa I have the seat all the way back and both height and length just make it (it has no height or tilt adjustments). Although I do have to drive without my size 12 shoes on. Must be a torso/legs ratio thing. 😉

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