• As usual I'm out of step with normal humanity. I love economy cars for a host of reasons too laborious to enumerate.
    But if you were going to put synthetic oil in any car as well as the best maintenance possible, this would be one of those cars. Why, asked no one? I'll tell you. The daily driver is critical to the life of the working-class car enthusiast, especially a cheap to buy, run, and maintain daily.
    This Yaris will get you to work while your Alfa Romeo is in the garage waiting for that left-handed metric spacer to arrive from a cobbler's shop in Turin. This Yaris will also run for hundreds of thousands of miles on almost no money (if you take care of it) so that extra cash can be diverted toward your bespoke bicentennial graphics package for your 1976 Corvette.
    I never understood destroying cheap economy cars, after all, didn't you buy it because you need it? It may be the only rational car purchase many of us make. Destroying something one depends on is like putting out a mob hit on your mom while you're still breast feeding (forgive the nonsensical and troubling imagery).
    Three and a half quarts of synthetic oil every few thousand miles is a small price to pay for having extra cash for your irrational cars.

  • So tall guys don't fit in these? I'm 6'8", and drive a Honda Fit no problem… Love cheap daily's with a stick, usually that means small car…

    • My comment about over 6 ft. tall come from zero experience of my own and was more or less going from a friend. Sounds like I misheard or the source was bogus. In any case, great car!

  • Rented one in Puerto Rico. A 4 dr sedan. Had a hard time making it up admittedly steep mountain roads but of course as a rental it was a slush box. Sport mode helped some. Probably good commuter car for flatlanders though.

  • You have a few screws loose to not use synthetic oil in your cars. You are doubling the drain interval and extending engine life. Added benefit increased fuel economy.

  • Interesting find; finding one with a manual transmission is so rare I wasn't sure if they were offered that way in the States. Hopefully it will have someone saying "Better than I deserve!"

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