• Woohoo! Pictures!

    Wait, now you're just going to be stealing my pictures Vince – NOOOOOOOO

    Just for good measure –

    [img] farm3.staticflickr.com/2935/14380665345_cdd2af8a6f_c.jpg[/img]

  • This is super cool. Thank you very much! The visual aspect of cars is such an important part of the experience of enjoying (or hating, as the case may be) them. The video adds sound to that, too. Kudos to you guys!

  • I feel like this is the beginning of the end. Why, why, why do you have to ruin a good thing? Seriously. How does this improve the site? Now the pages will be bogged down with a bunch of unnecessary crap. This is the reason I stopped visiting Jalopnik (well, that and their content is no longer auto-only, I mean seriously, WTF?). I don't mean to be a hater, but you've got a good thing going with this site. Really. It's the only auto site I visit daily without fail. So this message is coming from love not hate. Why does everyone always feel the need to "improve" things?

    And while I'm at it, I urge you to keep the amount of ads on the site in check. I know it's a necessity to a certain degree, but too many ads and you lose your audience. Don't let DT fall victim to the pitfalls that so many other car enthusiast sites have. Just my 3 cents. Yeah, that's right, cuz I've got more sense that most people.

    • I hear you, mystery person – I, myself, resist change – iOS 6 baby, *and* an old school Blackberry, that's how I roll in my old cars – I wear one brand of pants, one brand of work shirts, one brand of socks, one brand of underwear, and 4 pairs of the same shoes – I'm not making this up, it's really true – just like Steve Jobs always wore that same black turtleneck – he found something that worked and he stuck to it – and Vince is going all "hey, KBZ, throw my img tag under a Volvo what?" – and I say "easy, V, that's how I feel, but a bunch of people seem to want it, so I'll give it a chance" – so let's give it a chance – but the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants – so no funny business

    • but, hey, could you add a thing where people can "like" comments? – I make some pretty dang funny comments, in amongst all my erudition and sagacity and crap – sometimes there's feedback (thank you Doc and others) but it would be nice to feel the warmth of the crowd

    • Think of this as DT handing over the keys to the kids. Take it for a spin, put a few images in your replies, but…seriously… if it gets out of control, everyone will be grounded, I'll cancel prom, and you'll all be sent to boarding school.
      Like Kaibeezy, I am also old school in my technological leanings (OS 6.1) and am not a fan of web 2.0 nonsense — I believe if you can't spend the time to understand HTML code you don't have any business having a presence on the web, so with a few well placed exclamation points, I can comment out the offending img tag capability. However, enhanced comment capability has been a request from a number of commenters, and it could bring additional lolz to this little website…so we'll give it the old college try. Aside from the possibility of offending the sensibilities of some readers, there could also be technical reasons the img feature doesn't work out, but in the meantime, enjoy the show…I will.

    • Anonymouse, you are certainly entitled to your opinion and it's good that you expressed it without any emoticons. But the last time I went to a car show and they offered the option of viewing all of the cars blind…well, I chose not to take it. You are, effectively, choosing that option and that's fine.

      For example, the Dodge Lil' Red Express was recently featured here on DT. I chose to bring up the related Warlock. Most folks have never seen a Warlock and never will. There are very, very few left. To have a visual of what that truck looks like in comparison to the LRE seems to me to be very important from an enthusiast's viewpoint. I was lucky enough to find a video of one and the ability to add that to a message is also a good thing in my opinion.

      You may, in the end, be right. Folks may not be able to control their baser instincts and DT may choose to remove the feature. I hope not, because it seems to be that it has the potential to make it a richer, more fulfilling experience. Massive social media moguls like Facebook have chosen to allow such content to be added by its users.

      While I don't find the "Like" feature personally appealing (it encourages users to be lazy and not have a single real thought in their heads, which is a massive problem that I believe is crushing our society), I think it may act as a great way for DT to monitor what the community thinks of certain posts…if there's an "Unlike". A large number of users clicking an "Unlike" link would indicate to DT that something is undesirable. But why? So somebody "Likes" something – so what? They're so lazy that they can't write, "I like that!"? That's just downright lame and DT seems to monitor the comments closely. I don't know anything about who is behind DT, but they seem to do an excellent job of keeping trash, spam and trolls out. Add the IMG tag and YT posting shouldn't change that one bit.

      I don't like advertising in my face as much as the next guy. But if that means that DT gets to live on and the admins to get rich while still providing excellent content, then I'm actually all for it. It truly sucks running a busy blog from within a cardboard box under the freeway while eating your dumpster diving treasures. You can't have your cake and eat it, too. Besides, who looks at advertising these days? I agree that we're bombarded with it, but all that does is make it so that our eye glides right past it. I've been part of the advertising world for nearly 40 years, I understand how hard it is to get people to look at anything and their utter revulsion to it. So I hear you. But imagine how awesome it would be if the DT staff could quit their day jobs and just focus on DT…

    • OK, skip the "Like" button and let's start a tradition of commenting "Like!" more often – or something – i don't really like "Unlike" too much, seems to get abused on Reddit and elsewhere

    • I like the extra feature. Even a bad Jalop article is entertaining by reading all the snarky reader's comments and pictures. Now take a great DT article and add the in the reader contributions and it should be all win-win.

  • The disappearing comments and positively draconian iOS mobile experience is still not enough to turn my away from my daily dose of DT'azepam.

    Seriously, it's absolutely maddening trying to comment on an iOS device.

    • doctordel — sorry about the maddening iOS experience, I've gotten some feedback from people with Safari that say they can't post and it seems to be an ongoing issue with Apple products (browsers) not playing nice with Google products (DT is hosted by google via their blogger platform). I've submitted bug reports to google, but they respond to my cries of anguish like a deaf proctologist who is late for tee time. In the meantime, you could try using an alternative browser on your phone, or be sure to copy your comments before hitting reply, so you have a chance to re-paste if they get lost in the ether. -Vince

    • Awwww, shucks. I don't blame you.

      But you cannot copy the text inside the reply/post box; it does not work. And you must already be signed in to google if you want to comment using that handle. So, if you type a reply or post, then choose Google account as your handle, it takes you to google where you must sign in, after which it takes you back to the DT page, but your post has been erased. Maddening.

      Also, if you choose name/url as your handle, your post will often disappear before you get the captcha screen. Bizarre.

  • What the heck is this? I ask for a button to automatically insert the HTML code for a link (cause I'm a HTML Luddite), then K2 hijacks my request with his image request, and he gets his wish? BOOOOO SIR…BOOOOO!

    • You are welcome, Sir. Sorry about that! It was not my intention to distract focus from your request.

      Just do what I do; copy and paste the code from the Commenting Commandments III…it's literally a few pixels down from where you add your comments. One is a functionality issue and the other is a convenience.

      I like that DT decided that users have to jump through some hoops to make this stuff happen. The effort makes you think a bit about what you're doing. Of course, it makes it much more possible to screw up, as I have many times.

    • I was joking…I'm not actually that thin skinned, but yeah, I already do what you indicated, and given the frequency for posting links around here, it's a general PITA to do it. My only beef though, and if it's a requirement to continue my tenure here, I can deal.

    • FTB — I've looked into the automatic link insertion function and can't find anything that works at this time. DT is somewhat limited by being part of google's blogger platform, but I will keep my eyes open and see if there is an "easy link" feature from a third party.

    • Thanks Vince….it's definitely a first world problem—just a wish list thing. I used to have a great Firefox add-on that would add the code for me with a simple right click, but now that I've converted to Chrome, I can't find an equivalent extension.

      And lest I find myself guilty of only griping, let me balance it out by offering a kudos for the awesome new "I'm not a robot" check box….SO much easier. thanks

    • Speaking of the "I am not a robot" box, for a couple of weeks, it was just a matter of clicking the checkbox and voila you were good to go. Now you have to click the box, and then enter some text again. Isn't this back to where we started? At least the text is easy to read.

    • Oh sh*t, wait a minute. It has changed again! Now it is back to the "just click the checkbox".

      All is well, and I agree with FTB that this is a good thing.

      I have not yet tried any of the magic "insert a cat video" options. I will wait until I have a compelling reason, such as a car for sale that looks like a catastrophe.

      [img] imgace.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/cat-ass-trophy-e1388267417408.jpg [/img]

  • As much as I've tried… Which is like three maybe four times on other sites I cannot understand HTML. Maybe its because I use my phone but I doubt that why. So I will just keep posting the old standard kind of post and hope it doesn't get too crazy.

    • can't resist…

      take some meat and veg, put it between two slices of bread, you have a sandwich – <bread>meat+veg</bread> – the slash makes it mean "other slice of bread"

      <lettuce>meat+veg</lettuce> you've got something different, a salad

      <b>meat+veg</b> bolds the enclosed text, "i" makes it italic, etc.

      normally <a href=" c1.staticflickr.com/3/2630/3821966831_f62d440698.jpg">meat+veg</a> creates a link, in this case to a photo but it could as easily be to any other web page – for images, the Blogger blogging system lets you shortcut that with square brackets so that "[img]" and "[/img]" create the pair

      easy enough, right? questions? give it a try! 🙂

    • ok, d'oh again – Blogger read my paired image tags – should have typed it as:

      for images, the Blogger blogging system lets you shortcut that with square brackets so that [img]URL[/img] create the pair

    • d'oh d'oh – yes, it's tricky alright! – the preview is interpreting differently than the real page – let's see if i got it this time…

      [img][img] c1.staticflickr.com/3/2630/3821966831_f62d440698.jpg[/img][/img]

    • Sounds yummy. Still I did try again and didn't have any luck. But I was trying to post a pic from my phone and I just couldn't get it too work…. Then I had reality things to do, and I got a hankering for a sammich(for some reason) so I went to the grocery store and grabbed a pork butt and made some pulled pork and then I ate it and then I did something else and went too bed. In all that time I didn't want to figure out embed images. Now I'm back and gonna give it a go again as soon as I read the new posts. I promise.

    • I've been on the fence about the ability to link until now. Some things can't be unseen, while other things just have to be watched again and again and again. Thanks, Sean, you've sold me!

      DT is a place for readers to actually read the content and occasionally spit coffee through their nose because its rich in content. There are not as many commenters on DT as there are on 'other' sites, but those who who have found their way here are definitely a cut above. Vince's comments about handing the kids the keys is the best expression of his trust and admiration of the wit of the average DT reader/commenter. I suspect that trust will be repaid. Instead of jumping the shark, its kinda like Richie letting Fonzie tweak the DeSoto.

  • [img] i.cbc.ca/1.2880277.1419092654!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_300/garage-destroyed-in-fire.jpg[/img]
    If this works its a pic of my family's shop which burned on December 20.

    • Yep it was. Called Robinson's X-treme towing & Tire. It was an accident with a gas tank. No one was hurt except the young guy working on it. He had a quarter sized burnjust above his knee.There was insurance but they are being very difficult. You can google the name and a bunch of bad stuff comes up, most of it caused by a guy hired to book car transport spots on our truck that was a con artist who definatly conned us. Also have a crowdfinder on indigogo. indiegogo.com/projects/help-my-brother-who-lost-his-garage-in-a-fire/x/9518175
      Any help spreading the word would be the mostest wickedest kind of help.

    • No problem, I'll write up a story with a link to the indiegogo site. Sorry to hear about the car transport person, that kind of stuff is never good. Here in the USA, you can usually threaten the third party site with legal action and they will take down the review, but not sure how it works up North.
      I will see if I can get the story about the crowdfunder syndicated on jalopnik, many more people read that site. Also, if you have any photos of the shop before it burned down, please email them to tips@dailyturismo.com, it would be nice to have a few more pics for the story.
      -Vince DT E-i-C.

    • Yeah the guy we hired was based in Louisiana…. We hired him as Larry watson. Sent money orders to him as tony leduc… This made us nervous and we did some research and found out who he actually was, His real names is Ryan Sechsher and what he was about and immediatly fired him.
      Canadian law is retarded in that because we hired him (even under a fake name) to do a job and pages him to do it there is nothing they are willing to do. But I'm sure they could have done something if it were put in the right hands.
      As far as the building burning. The place was our lively hood and also my brother and his wife's income. Estimated value of the tools and appliances needed to work on cars is north of $350k and that's not including the diagnostic equipment. That doesn't include the building, compressor, lifts etc etc.
      I would be grateful if you could spread the word as far as possible as the funds aren't available to hire a PR firm. And the help is needed.

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