• You don't want to know. Let me think about whether I can write something up. The '91 3.6 SHO is back in the daily-driver fleet and doing (mostly) fine…and how did I end up with TWO '86 Celicas?

  • My fleet? The seller submitted C10 is now successfully sold.

    I have an E36 convertible that had the top get stuck – I am getting the top repaired and then putting it up for sale to make room for a daily driver that can carry the whole family if needed.

    And I did locate that new daily driver. I found a '98 Buick Regal GS Supercharged that was in unbelievably good condition for a GM car that is old enough to get a driver's license of its own. While I wanted a stick shift, this Buick was less than half my budget and checked all the other boxes, so I grabbed it.

  • My fleet, my daily '95 chevy c1500 2wd 305tbi 5speed. Been a whipped on work truck for 21 years.

    Wifes daily, 2001 yukon xl (suburban) replaced the 86 suburban i had on here for sale. Will probably be replaced by a minivan eventually

    Project: 1975 morris mini 1000. It was my daily in college now its just waiting for a few bucks to become a rolling restoration.

  • My fleet:
    DD: 2001 Passat Wagon V6
    SO DD: 2000 Accord coupe (original owner, 140k miles)

    Fun stuff:
    1987 Toyota 4runner (mild mods, tows motorcycle trailer)
    2002 Provan Tiger GT (17' fully self contained motorhome on a 2001 Chevy Astro chassis) *new this year
    1970 VW Westfalia (It would be a stretch to call it a rolling resto as long as it's been taking me. This year is 20 years owned)

    Upcoming changes:
    SO DD: She wants an EV, and all of a sudden got tired of her car.
    my DD: I want something more fun, and it doesn't need to be as practical anymore, I don't do as much work travel these days. Maybe a BMW Z4, or a C4 Vette (do they come with the flame print shirts? Will I magically grow more chest hair?)

  • My fleet:
    2013 Fiat Abarth – DD. Stock. Loud =)
    2008 Intiniti G37S – currently in the shop awaiting Stage 2 clutch & lightened flywheel. Upgraded 19" IPL wheels, Eibachs, sway bars and cold air. Bro.
    1985 Toyota MR2 – stock except Eibach lowering and watanabe knock-offs. 80's momo wheel. Cool TRD license plate.
    1963 Volvo P1800 w/ Miata engine swap – Weekend car, not reliable yet.

    Future plans: looking for depreciated car of my dreams, either 996 or E46 M3.

  • We have a busy garage: 2000 E39 M5, 1969 Duetto, 08 Tundra, 04 Acura TSX. My eldest son (19) has a 73 GTV and a 1999 Tahoe Sport, and son #2 (17) has 2002 Silverado single cab short box Z71. The lack of room keeps me away from the auctions!! And the insurance keeps me free of cash!!

  • My fleet is down to the exactly same 544 pictured in the story header. It's my last and a keeper. Sometimes I feel I've had one of every style car made….but that's impossible…

  • Four wheels? 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee for DD duty, 1985 Euro 635CSi for summer fun.
    Two wheels? Yamaha FJR1300 for road work, BMW G650 X-Challenge for dual sport and knobby tire adventures, and a Triumph Bonneville T100 for an around town poser bike.
    With all these summer fun toys why do Inlive in Minnesota?

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