• Thanks for making me aware of this one. This looks like someone's original back of the napkin drawing of a moto-bike was taken directly to engineering where they were told to build it. Perfect example of why its sometimes best for a company to stick to what its doing rather than trying to enter a new market before they're ready. At least a BSA 441 Victor could be stripped down and turned into a reasonable bobber.

  • The Desmo engine is worth something. Not $7500, but if you had a clean Ducati street bike from the era with the non-Desmo 250 or 350, it might be a cool swap.

    Those bikes were fine handlers, and even with the lo-po single would blow anything else off at a stop light match up.

    Of course the massive jump ahead ended at about 75', but I can still spot a Japanese vintage bike from the rear view at a good distance. Good ol' leg breaking single thumpers. You only forget the compression release once.

    Good old flexible 20 year old body! LOL.

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