• I just noticed…the guy misspelled his license plate XRL8 instead of XLR8, my confidence in the car (which looks ideal for a daily driver Corvair) has just been shattered!

  • …there was a Corvair for just about every garage, as it was offered as a two door, four door, station wagon, pickup and convertible.

    I think there also was a van if i'm not mistaken

  • The first model year of the Corvair was 1959
    I still have the pink slip for a 1959 Corvair, the car itself is buried under the neighbor's driveway.

  • For anyone keeping track of climbing Corvair prices this auction closed at $11,400. Based on what you could buy these for 3 yrs ago, these are climbers.

    • As with many of the auctions on Fleabay there's always a catch. Seems the auction ended at a lower price than the seller wanted, now they will try to see if the market will forget the rule that the best result in an eBay auction is almost always the first auction…
      And they try again

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