• Well, it is a Chrysler product…

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  • Deja vu…Skippy School. Instructors used these to have us Lime Rock 'students' learn the proper-line, bias-ply tires squealing to provide an 'audible-verification' (he said) to that same line, sans helmets too. Even worse, my instructor had a lap-time he was trying to improve on, both Formula Ford and van. Shot-gun held the watch.
    Damn kids. Today? Forget it. Killjoys abound.

  • The entire production line of the 15 passenger extended van line from Dodge is haunted. From demon-possessed speakers and tape decks, headliners that fall unexpectedly and attempt to blind all passengers, to flashing air-bag lights, and destroying bearings, I have had near-death experiences in them multiple times. One van has tried to kill both myself and everybody in the van, and everything in it's path. The best thing to do is to disable it and let it sit in a field for 20 years and be overtaken by weeds. That just so happens to be about the only thing you can do to make these vans look even creepier than they already do. Maybe Diamler-Chistyler used recycled steel from WWII Germany for the frames…who knows, but there is something NOT right with these extended vans.

  • a couple of friends of mine owned one or more of theses extended vans with the high roof made in 1989 or so, before Benz was involved. They were pretty indestructible for RV conversions and one of them is still around and going strong. It did hit a deer out west a few years back and needed some front end work after. My solution has always been to use a solid cow catcher in front and not overload the rear back of the axle.

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