• Thats nice of you to help out your mother in law. Uncle dude's Fiero using the supercharged 3800 is way cool. It sounds like those engine's put out a lot of power with only a pulley change. I am used to seeing guys on Youtube burning the front tires off a Buick using that motor but the Fiero would be a blast to drive with all that power. The blower whine is actually the sound of the Fiero going "Wheeee!" Do some more episodes of CFLOMOTO especially on the empty Volvo please. (what are your plans for that car? Engine swap? Hop up the turbo 4?)

  • Excellent write up, on a very impressive "shade tree" repair. As Yoda said of CFlo: "The forces are strong with this one".

    Oh, and regarding "Ferdinand Honda", thanks for a great laugh!

  • Nicely played CFlo! Like I've always said, give an engineer a beer and a pencil and you can have anything you want. BTW..you get my vote for fleet manager to keep us all rolling after the zombie apocalypse or when the skies start falling or when the damned dirty apes take over.
    Wow, there are two DT'ers with in-laws who have built nice driving supercharged Buick powered Fieros. My brother-in-law built one of those as well.

  • I bought a salvage Jaguar X-Type with low miles that ran and drove – the TAN interior was all slashed up by I suspect a disgruntled significant other. They slashed the airbags, dashboard, seats, door panels carpet…everything while comfortably seated in the Jag. I found and priced out seats, door panels at one yard, carpet and dash at another but the costs was proving to be astronomical. And then I found on eBay a totaled about 200 miles away. I started totaling up the cost of renting a truck and trailer to haul it home, I could strip it, but then I had to dispose of the stripped chassis – more cost. So, I called a salvage yard close to the totaled Jag and promised them the entire car except the interior if they would pick it up and give me access to strip the car – done deal. I won the auction for $1400. Towing was free. I stripped the car of the BLACK interior saving every trim piece due to the color change from TAN. I found a $100 bill in the car! I pulled the wheels and tires which were good except one was scuffed. The atripped interior transported in my Caddy Fleetwood. I spent a day installing the black interior into my Jag, had to get an airbag on eBay like you guys did, and the car was finished. The old interior bits were sold to a hot rodder and the extra set of wheelstires sold on Craigslist. The repairs cost about $400 total. The moral of the story is to buy parts locally and in bulk!

  • Well Done Article and Job my buddy had picked up a 03 Honda Pilot with almost same damage as the CRV he said he got if off a one owner little old lady,he did lie about that it was his Mom's car she got a year newer replacement and my friend got a new used rig for just over 1K.

  • Great article…..I'll probably never use it because it's such a niche accident/situation, but as a gearhead this is exactly what I enjoy—thanks for taking the trouble to document it/write it!

    Just out of concern, I did the same thing you probably did, and checked the airbag for the Takata recall, but as I'm sure you know, this year CRV wasn't in the affected range. whew.

  • Do your mother in law one favor: Have the "new" airbags checked to see if they are on Honda's recall list. Most Takata bags need to be replaced and it will be done for free in the event that they are on the list. Obviously, you can't go from the VIN, but the bags probably have a lot number/serial number on them (I think) that could be used as a reference.

  • Great responses guys; thanks – and I'm happy it was an interesting read.

    The Volvo will get some attention on these pages soon. It started life as a plain vanilla (beige) 1981 242 DL, naturally aspirated K-jet 2.1L. It's becoming a turbo/EFI (LH2.4) 2.3L but staying with 8-valve redblock power for the foreseeable future.

    The first-gen CR-V is old enough to not be included on the Takata airbag recalls. My brother has a 2nd-gen which is affected, and I keep bugging him to take it in.

    • Total fail. You forgot to reattach the plastic Honda "H" emblem on the grille when you finished. The judges will knock off points for that. Just kidding. Nice work and well done.

  • Nice job! It looks like you were able to find another "under bumper". Did it bolt on without much trouble?

    I was able to find a used grill and front valence for an orange vega I owned in about 1981. You would never have been able to tell once they were bolted on! It's a great feeling!

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