• So many questions

    Which generation Crown Vic ?

    Manual transmission is interesting , but what one? The three speed that was attached to the 300 six in the bed?
    What is the resolution of the rear suspension wanting to be in the bed? (rear suspension sneaking into bed joke goes here)

    The all important photo of the dashboard is MIA, oh please be the original F100 dash and wheel!

    If there were somehow a three on the tree and F100 dash and wheel I would be tempted, I used to have a 72 F100 in this very color until I painted it about 600 colors to better fit into NYC traffic.

  • I'm building one of these out of a '64 F250 and a 2008 P71. We used the entire frame from the Vic, but from the limited photos shown of this one, I think it still has the truck frame with the Vic suspension & front crossmember grafted on. That's a more straightforward swap for sure. The engine is a 4-valve 4.6 so it's not from a Vic (likely Lincoln MkVii or whatever that thing was). It's also carbureted which points again towards original truck chassis with its low-pressure fuel system. Still, nicely done, sweet looking truck.

    If you see these high offset wheels, aluminum front crossmember, rack & pinion steering…then it's a 2003-2011 final generation Crown Vic.

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