• I love ads that mention high miles but don't tell you how high. Then the guessing begins. What's 'high mileage' on a crown vic? Don't police garages keep these going for 300,000 miles?

  • Remember those fake radio fronts you could put over your Pioneer cassette deck to make thieves think your hooptie only rocked the AM band?
    Wondering if you can do the same with manual swaps? (A console insert to hide the stick)
    Prolly the best way to go 'full sleeper' as this genius mechanic clearly has done here. I owe that dude a schlitz!

  • P71 with 5-speed sounds pretty interesting. I wonder if it kills the cruiser vibe at all, or just enhances the experience. The stock AOD-based 4-speed 4R75E in these isn't the best slushbox out there but it is nice and smooth in that way that's easy to appreciate when you're putting a ton of highway miles on a big land yacht.

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