• My first thought too. It can be ready for summer if you start on the body mods now! All the write up about the engine, and "oh yeah, there's a corvette attached to it." The DT write up is much better than the ad. More informative too! 😉

    • Yeah, I was going to suggest that DT was celebrating the new 'Star Wars' with a 'Corvette Summer'/'American Graffiti' hagiography, but looks like someone's beaten me to it.

  • Subtle in ain't.

    Where in the Bronx, NY is these bucolic shots taken?

    Good thing basic under hood service would be a breeze. The well used turbos are snuggled right up to the A/C on one side and the alternator on the other.

    Might mean they get changed out along with an oil change, or perhaps when one has to do an engine-out regap of the plugs.

    • Yeah, I thought that writing the copy as Irwin was obvious/subtle enough for this 'Ray. It's been years since he passed so I give the post a thumbs up.

      As for the car, I don't think I could pull this one off without going full guido before I left the house. Which would mean a trip to the outlets for the appropriate jewelry and fragrances. Driving this would be an exercise in total character immersion.

  • FWIW:The Bronx is named after Jonas Bronck who created the first settlement as part of the New Netherland colony in 1639. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bronx

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