• This one looks like a really good deal — I have seen others in similar condition with asks of nearly twice this amount. Lightweight, turbo, rear-wheel drive, Stuttgart; it's all a good time until you take it to a Porsche specialist garage and have to remortgage your studio apartment and eliminate dinners out to fix the fuel injection. I guess the lesson here would be to DIY else you be holding your own, if you know what I mean.

  • This one actually looks quite attractive outside, not sure about the brown interior. You have to wonder if a Turbo with 143 HP (and the added expense of maintenance) is better than the 87/88 924S with 160 HP and the real Porsche 2.5 L motor, better brakes and updated suspension? Or a nice 944 for a similar price?

  • FYI I sure anyone looking for more than a couple blinks at the CL ad will realize, but the car is actually in on the left coast of Lake Michigan, near La Crosse, Wisconsin.
    I also believe this car was on fleaBay a few weeks ago and didn't reach it's reserve (or even get any bids (?)). There was a back story in the auction of it being a father/son project car and, well…you know how those go… Johhny dropped out of high school and moved to LA to be a drag queen and now Sr just can't bear to look at the ca…. wait, no, that was something else I was thinking of… I do recall something about a re-paint being mentioned though.

  • Oh Lord, K-Jet! Noooooooooo!

    Let's think on this. One hundred and forty-three horsepower. Just about enough to drive the air conditioning compressor on a Yukon XL.

    Yeah, I know, everyone's K-Jet turbo 2-liters were making 140HP +/- in the US in 1980. Saab, Volvo, Porsche, etc.

    But three years later you get the same power normally-aspirated, and while the 924 shape is clean, the 944 shape got back.

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