• That is an amazing price.

    Considering most of the speedos went kaput at 100K miles, it's highly likely this front porch is on its 2nd (or 3rd?) replacement.

    CarFax sometimes has mileage, and a full set of records on the car would also help.

    -Stan (who loved his water cooled 924 and 944… and went through a few speedos…)

  • I have owned a few cars that were forgiving to bad driving and were hard to get in trouble in. The 944 is a very balanced car that is easy to drive pretty quickly. E30 M3 is also very easy to correct when a mistake s made.
    The turbo is the one that is so much fun.

  • I don't want people to know my plate number. Maybe I should undo the 4 (8 at the most) screws. NOPE painters tape will be easier. Come on people if you can't take the plate off what else can't you do?

    • I always find that a fat dirty finger covering the plate installs confidence in a buyer.
      The funny thing is that on a site like 6speed online there are 100k plus cars for sale with no concern about license plate numbers.

  • The title of this one should have been "Barn painter throws in free Porsche paint job." Check the over-spray on the barn and the door sills. The only thing funnier would have been if the paint colors matched! 😀

  • Interesting car, very reasonable price, these cars can be very costly to fix and maintain if you can't do it yourself. the AC is R12 unless converted, the power steering is troublesome and has a tendency to leak. The oil drain plug looks like it has been monkeyed with with those rounded corners, he does not mention the sun-roof condition. Certainly a CARFAX is mandatory and test drive as well. The rear suspension looks low? George in Toronto

  • There is no such thing as a cheap Porsche. Or, as my buddy in the PCA says, "Every Porsche is a $40,000 Porsche: either you buy an original owner car with receipts for $40K, or you buy a $5K car and put in $35K in repairs." After watching him lose money on his money pit Porsches (yeah, he was crazy-foolish) I was convinced never to buy a Porsche.

    • Oh, and the "low mileage"? Since the car only has a 5-digit odometer, more likely this car has 150,000 miles, rather than 50,000, which means everything needs to be replaced (which explains why he is selling it now).

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