• So he plagiarizes a story he saw somewhere else to infer that this car will get you in with the ladies.
    And what else is he feeding us.

  • Well now I know what my problem is. Got to find an STI. Anyone want an M3?
    I hadn't read this one before so thanks for sharing. At least he admitted he borrowed the idea.

  • I'm having a hard time figuring out how the skydiving canopy version of the story would go. I think the story may be original but just not true.

    Sort of inspired by the J. Peterman catalog if you ask me.

    Nope, just can't imagine a girl+street racing+road on the county line story about a skydiving canopy. And I have a pretty free form imagination.

    • I agree, I think he took the premise, the uncool "whatever" made the girl flee, but the rest of it sounds original, and quite funny.

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