• Mostly. Not quite finished yet. I acquired a 1988 Vanagon in March and have been going through the 30 year old beast trying to make it long range road trip worthy before my honeymoon in October. I'm close, a few more little things to do.

    We'll see how it holds up to two weeks on the road. Vanagons are pretty bullet proof if you keep oil and water in them. Devil's in the details though, keeping water in them is……involved.

  • Bought a "cheap" Viggen a month ago….thought I'd be tooling around in it by now. I'm not on week 2 of trying to get the last broken exhaust manifold stud out of the head. Yep, you guessed it, broke the bit in it. So no, goals not accomplished.

  • Sigh….an Achilles tear in spring pretty much killed most automotive goals this summer. Kept the dd's maint. up to date at least. However, the fun cars have languished…booo. Thank god I have a gas wall heater in the garage, get back on track soon and be set for spring 2018. (Fingers crossed).

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