• I think that I am very deserving of this offer as I have been regularly tortured…

    This happens every time I am searching the Jag-u-are classified and cannot buy one of these gorgeous creatures.

  • ~ Several years ago I began a file of quotes about cars that I considered to be wise, succinct, clever or otherwise worthy. Perhaps someday it will grow into a published classic.
    . I'd like to express personal thanks to DT for many of the entries and a specific shout-out to Kaibeezy for this magical gem.
    'You may argue that cars are a thing rather than an experience. First, don't argue with me. Second, yes, but there's a big "but" (and I like big buts), they are a thing that by its nature sets you off on a string of experiences. It can be done expensively, but around here we focus on doing it affordably. If all that's not the DT way, I'm a monkey's uncle'

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