• I may disagree with a lot of people on a lot of topics, but I find their disagreement to be the only way that I can test my beliefs on myself and frequently end up thanking them for helping me to alter/amend/synthesize/buttress my core beliefs. Because of that, I cannot conceive of someone being murdered over an expressed point of view that took no action beyond the expression.

    Tragically, there is no peace, nor consolation that can be offered to the families of the murdered that can minimize their loss. However, we can hope and pray that they find some comfort in the worldwide contempt expressed towards the perpetrators and their ilk.

    There is no room on a civilized planet for barbarism, which most of us thought was left behind in the appropriately named dark ages. For that reason, I want to personally thank our E-i-C for penning this first ever DT OP-Ed to shine some light into a dirty little corner.

    While we might consider ourselves more civilized, we should take a moment to consider the slippery slope we find ourselves on when we allow ourselves to be whipped up over any political issue or commentary.

    My prayers for strength and peace for the families of all of the victims and to the French who are struggling to determine how to best deal with this. #JeSuisCharlie

  • When it comes to car design, I really like a large ass. I also love the fact that even the biggest ass has the right to express his or her own opinion to those who care to listen. .

  • It's hard to fathom how such barbarism can flourish. Those young men killed in the name of religion?
    I could more easily understand killing to steal a Citroen. Understand, not excuse.

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