• So, I was watching a commercial for the Lexus IS last night. It shows a guy remembering an exciting day of driving in his IS. Then it reveals that he is remembering this from the seat of some futuristic autonomous vehicle, amid a fleet of other similar vehicles. Finally, this tag line appears on the screen "Enjoy the thrill of driving, while you still can".


    Good grief! I was really bothered by that commercial. How about you?

    • Sounds like the lead-in to Firebird 2015! Only the cause (self-driving cars instead no-more-oil-for-you) is different. You gotta be REALLY bored to sit through this… I remember turning it off about 30 years ago. I tried watching 5 minutes of it just now and it has not ripened with age!
      Firebird 2015

  • Well, it is a logical endpoint from a personal transportation standpoint for society… except for the 'while you still can' part.

  • I do think we will be forced at some point to all have self driving cars. The insurance companies will not insure actual drivers and one will be at fault in an accident for being human.
    I don't see this taking over in 3rd world countries and maybe even rural areas.
    Time to build a track car!

  • I saw this video this morning and it made me depressed: I'll never be as cool as Pete Fonda or have tattoos: youtu.be/BvHFM8c7cPM

  • Today I drove 30 minutes to buy a AFE hot air intake for my BMW. Purely for the sound. Very immature of me but I watched a few videos and it sounded great. Most likely will not make any power.
    Most peoples dyno results were 4-6hp at best.

  • Self driving cars will NEVAH EVAH become common……….only in the most dystopic paranoid version of the Trumpian One World Order fear mongering machine. Putter on.

    • I beg to differ.

      I would not be surprised if in 10 years time HOV lanes (especially in California) become self-driving car only. You would have literally no congestion because of computers being able to figure out how to average speed out and not stop and go.

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