• More rides, yes.

    Also, not to schill but I have to say that Sam Harris gets a lot of interesting guests on his podcast. The one I listened to today on climate change while I was out running in the hot pre-Irma palm beach county sun almost made me drown myself in the Okeeheelee Park lake for all the guilt it inspired in my classic car and carbon fueled passion. Buying Tesla is Buying American, right??

  • Went and smogged my e34 and then took the paper work to get it registered today. They told me I couldn't do the paperwork today because I smogged it and the DMV cant process both.
    I have to come back in a few days and wait in a line again. It is so ridiculous
    The good news is that it passed smog. I always here the techs mumbling about stuff and am always sure it will not pass.

    • AAA is your friend when doing title transfers and registration. There's usually only a 10-15 minute wait when I go, and that's here in Torrance, population 150k. They can do most anything DMV can do with regards to transfers. They can even walk out to the parking lot to look at the VIN or emissions labels if necessary. So much better than DMV purgatory.

      On a related note, the M5 always passes smog very cleanly. Those old BMW inline sixes aren't as dirty as you might think given the sound & fury they unleash.

    • Agreed on AAA. I had no idea they did title stuff until I switched my car insurance to them. Typically there is no line at our local AAA office (which is in one of the sleepier suburbs of San Diego). Its also nice to be dealing with someone that is trying to HELP you rather than to figure out anything they can possibly to do OBSTRUCT you.

  • Is the California DMV really that bad?
    Dealing with the DMV in NYC is a piece of cake. I'm pretty sure you could scribble something on a beer coaster and say it's a bill of sale for a 1965 tatra and walk out with plates and registration.

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