• Good to see the old girl out again – fell in lust with it when you first got it.

    Nothing too special here – driving my 04 Dodge Dakota; will probably have about 200 miles by the end of the day. It's pretty fun to drive as it has 8 cylinders and a clutch pedal. Acceleration is nothing special, but hey, it at least has a nice exhaust note.

    Would like to break out my 95 Mustang GT convertible, but it needs to be a bit warmer. Terrible road car, but it's a lot of fun to drive as it has a boosted 302.

    • Manual transmission trucks are always fun to drive! And I've got a Mustang in the garage that needs some work too!

  • Ahhh…the P38 has to be the most underappreciated/overdepreciated proto-lux truck ever built. That EAS gorges speed bumps like my Staff terrier on a Beggin Strip. Sure, you’re met at the end of the work day with your Rover’s butt on the blacktop and nose perched on high, but he eventually agrees to run level again. And, yes, Rover drools a little from the lowest, gravity-dependent bits on his undercarriage but that’s just him marking his driveway. Because it’s his damn driveway. Yeah, he’s got gas but the smell doesn’t bother me. Besides, what old dog doesn’t have gas?? Favorite characteristic is a toss up, though. Either the seemingly-centimeter thick Connelly hides, or the airy greenhouse that “progress” has relegated to yesteryear, like so much Zynga. Sorry, snowflake, but I’ll emphatically trade that morbidly obese A pillar you fianaced at 4.9% for the reedy waif I picked up-and can actually see around-for 6 cents on the inflation-adjusted dollar. Sure, the stereo didn’t speak to me for a week but Rover can be temperamental. And British. Which are the same thing, anyway, so. I take Rover for a walk, and everyone love him. His pretty younger sisters are packed three deep at every stoplight here in SoFla, but valets always want to pet ol’ Rover while those shiny bitches (follow the dog metaphor, please) sit and whimper while they wait. He’s got a few scars from an adventurous youth but he cleans up real good when I take the hose and sponge to him. And, damn, can he get up and GO when I give him the nudge. Pretty thirsty, so I don’t push him too hard. But he’s always game for the hurried jaunt through a midday jam.

    Today, Rover took me to work, to pick up my boys, drop them at their mom’s and back to the homestead. Nothing special. But special still.

    • "the airy greenhouse that “progress” has relegated to yesteryear, like so much Zynga."

      So Pynchonesque , Tom , is that you?

    • Aye-yi-yi….I've lived long enough now that people are fond of P38's. I remember the 2001 4.6 SE that I picked up in 2003. It was under factory warranty, so I wasn't about to turn wrenches on it myself and took it to the dealer for everything—let's just say by the time my ownership was over, I had a close personal relationship with every service advisor at the dealership, knew how their wives were doing, what sports their kids played, you name it.

      My favorite "quirk" was the day I got in out of the rain and put a wet umbrella in the driver's floorboard. The small amount of water on the umbrella dripped and found it's way underneath the passenger seat—where apparently the main body control ecu module lives (completely unprotected from the elements).

      At every redlight, when I came to a stop, my horn would begin blowing randomly (not in the usual rhythmic alarm pattern) and the high beams would flash. In other words, to every driver at that intersection, I looked like the stereotypical type A, impatient, ungracious Range Rover driving asshole. Hoooo boy I got more dirty looks, birds, and FU's that morning.

      The P38 may be the ultimate proof of my theorem that the British are the world's best engineers and the world's worst manufacturers. (and I still miss that stupid truck).

  • 09' G37s coupe 7spd AT, 102 miles, great sound, brakes, and grunt. No MT driving until my shoulder heals and PT.

  • Drove my 2018 Hybrid Rav4 about 20 miles needed to put some go go juice in it only took 9 gallons @ $3.15 a gallon in the PNW that is enough. Pretty happy with the Rav 4 but maybe should have waited for the 2019 model with a 9 speed auto instead of the CVT.Looking for a muscle car or Hot Rod but prices seem to be inflated like Trump's Brain so will keep looking. Love the 65 Buick Wagon one of my fav's of this era.

  • Hey…..Thats one beautiful former Hunsbloggermobile. I looked at it but decided I couldn't deal with the rust. Have you tackled it yet? There's a couple of the '65 wagons in San Diego I see them occasionally in parking lots. Since I grew up in a stripper '65 I am still wanting one. Yours is a really beautiful color.
    Drove my 340,000 '95 318ic Bimmer about hundred miles today. Replaced the O2 sensor and the ICV and it still idles like shight. have to try something else.

    • I dated a '65 vintage stripper. Er, I mean, we had a '65 Buick Special Wagon that had every option, and even feature stripped away. My parents drove it for years until the floor stripped away… I've always lusted for a Scenic Cruiser.

  • Drove the 55 Studebaker coupe down to breakfast , along the oceanfront road, then back to the house. No more than 15 miles probably, but me and a lot of folks were grinning from ear to ear ! ( hey buddie, my dad/ grandad/ uncle/ aunt/ grandmother/ buddies family/ etc…. had one just like that ! ha ! )

  • 89 crx si, bone stock with that idle sensor issue they all have..the one that makes it sound like im trying to race every sedona im next to. none of the gauges work but it seems to get ok mileage. has a blown head gasket that ill fix when it becomes an issue (consumes coolant like a bastard but the temp gauge always says its cold!). makes the 6mi daily commute without issue, and we just used it to haul a table from st vincents. on the roof. with ratchet straps.

  • Took out the '66 Amazon Combi to NAPA for a 2032 Gold filter and came away empty, despite the NAPA website saying they'd be there for me to pick up. 8 miles roundtrip? Also started putting the new window felts in to start to cut down on the rattles now that the wife's local election is over with (success! hooray)

    Also test drove a '91 325i cabriolet that is for sale locally… would it be dumb to replace a 9000 Aero with that?

  • Still too early to get the summer toy out, so today it was a fairly-recently acquired 2007 Ford Focus wagon, with a 5-speed. One owner car, super tight, zero rust, and drives really well. I drove about 200 km (120 miles). The car still makes me smile, so yes I enjoyed it.

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