• I have the HF 4.5" 6 amp "Chicago Electric" HD grinder that I abuse the hell out of. Best $20 I've spent. Cut through a frame rail once when my (also HF) sawzall crapped out helping a friend convert a '78 GMC Sierra from LWB to SWB.

  • Up here in Canada, the equivalent store is Princess Auto. I love them for all the weird specialty tools. Stuff that I only need once in a blue moon, and would never justify paying brand-name prices: crowfoot wrenches, E-Torx bits, teeny-tiny deep metric sockets, dial gauge, tire changer… I could go on and on. And to be honest, I have not broken much of their stuff (plus, they replace a lot of it without too many questions!).

    I bought three of their click-type torque wrenches (1/4, 3/8, 1/2 inch) for $20 Cdn each. Those get regular use and continue to stand up well. All combined they cost me less than a single Craftsman 1/2 inch.

    They do not have a lot of stores, but I had one about an hour away, all the way across the city (not a trip I would make too often). But I just found out they are building a new store 10 minutes from my house! My buddy's wife said this is a disaster. I reminded her that at least she will always know where he is. That is my happy place (and they have free coffee!).

  • I was there yesterday. Used my 20% coupon to buy a engine cross support. I have to do an oil pan gasket on the bmw. It does smell like a rubber factory in there.

  • I agree with the smell, I hope harbor freight gives their employees good health insurance – I feel like if you work in that store for too long you are going to develop stage 4 lymphoma.

  • hey, where are the photos? – should i post them? – very exciting tie down straps, arbor press and orange deadfall hammer – i'm taking this photojournalism class at the local community college and i'll get extra credit

  • i seen a post online a while back where they compared hf torque wrenches with snap on, craftsman and others. the hf ones were almost as good as the high dollar ones

  • Mmmmm…Horrible Freight, the the cause of and solution to most of life's problems.

    – Roger Simpson (Homer's more handy brother)

  • $100 HF 6.5hp engines are some of my favorites. They used to be pretty close copies of Honda GX single cylinder engines, but the new predator brand units are slight departures. For the price, I can't think of any better way to motivate a pitbike/go kart/barstool/cooler. They're governed to 3600 rpm, but if you do some minor screw adjustments, I've seen them go as high as 4750rpm. Apparently they suffer valve float around 5200rpm, which is handy, because any more and the flywheel is liable to fly apart.

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