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    I Buy Ugly Cars

    ( referencing the We Buy Ugly Houses signs nailed to all the utility poles that don't have Reptile Show Tattoo Show or Gun Show signs )

    Collect Them All !

    This Is My Other Car

    Fully Depreciated

  • Some good stuff. Keep adding ideas guys!

    If this van's a rockin
    I need new shocks

    If this rods a knockin
    I need new bearings.

    Getting off topic…

    Make this co-
    upe yours @ DailyTurismo.com

  • K2's Mystery Car

    (What ever happened to that guy? You guys never should have gotten into that huge argument over that BMW, lost a valuable poster…I always enjoyed reading his posts…and his air conditioner themed "What am I's")

    • I love it when Anonymous talks to himself/herself/itself!! Hey guys, just use the drop down on the reply as and pick "Name/URL" and enter a name. No password, no registration needed, no blood, no foul(or fowl). That way, we get to know you better!!


      Leave the past behind and move on

      would make a great plate frame!!

      DT Editor Vince

    • I certainly hope that we are not to assume that we should sensor conversation for fear of offending anyone… that would pretty much completely defeat the point of intelligent discourse. I doubt very seriously that an argument over a car led to his absence.

    • There. I spoke up.

      I'm still flappin' my lips, just mostly other places on the interwebz. But if somebody wants me to write something for good ole' DT, I'd be happy to. But I don't think there's much need. Seems like all the bases are covered here and that's fine.

    • Ha ha ha! You are one funny dude, El Jefe. In fact, I just bought another USED car and she's a beaut. None of you guys will think so, but I do. And that's what's important, really.

      Of course, there ARE good reasons to buy a new car (you knew that, I know) but they don't apply to seemingly 75% of new car buyers. Or maybe more, I don't know. There's the fear factor and then there's the "I don't give a damn about money and like watching it burn" factor.

      There are likely other good reasons, but I'm certainly not the person to write that article. For sure!

    • Figured I'd get something super reliable and cheap to maintain, so I bought a 2001 750iL with high mileage, no maintenance records and a salvage title for only $13,748.

  • Wow, so many good ones above. How about:

    Didn't need a trailer

    My other car is on BaT

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      Good Car Ma


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      Or tryptic

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      OK I'm done

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